Great and FREE Resources for Research and Staying Informed

Great and FREE Resources for Research and Staying Informed

Great and FREE Resources for Research and Staying InformedThere’s a bazillion different fiscal sites out there, all which have some thing to say. At this, all those sites have their own opinions and think they are right. How do you weed through the sound and use what you read and listen to make good choices? This can definitely look overwhelming at first. The solution is through good research and using great tools for study.

In actuality, I’d say that the effort you put forth in researching companies and staying current with the market will be directly connected to your performance on the marketplace.

If we are honest, unless we’re investing as our full-time occupation, we just don’t have enough opportunity to research and read everything out there. That is okay and you are still able to do enough to locate winning businesses to invest in. I suggest finding the resources which speak more clearly for you than others and limit your time to utilizing them to research companies and remain current with the market. Maybe finding 3 to 5 places that you go to research a business and gather data and data may be good to begin with.

Below are a few useful programs, websites, and social networking tools that will assist you start your research.


APPSThis might not necessarily help you explore some particular given stock, but it can certainly help you stay current on all things happening in the sector and help you gain a wealth of knowledge just by listening. Some programs I enjoy which I think can be useful are Bloomberg Surveillance in the morning and also Taking Stock in the day. Surveillance grabs you up early in the morning with everything that went on from the internationals markets during the evening and what to expect during the day. Taking Stock usually focuses on a current trend within the marketplace and often times on a particular company. Bloomberg is also fine because the commentators use market lingo through the day.


SEEKING ALPHA APPThis is a must have program letting you see research on a great deal of stocks published by professionals and individuals when it comes out in real time. Additionally, it lets you personalize your news for precisely what you’re looking for. You can even comment on the study and immediately connect with the author if you have any queries regarding what they said on a particular stock.


INVESTING.COMThis is a excellent program which gives access to real time data including futures and permits you to view stock prices in real-time at no cost. I would certainly make an account at no cost so as to create a personalized watchlist of the stocks you are watching.


BROKER’S APPI’d definitely download your agent’s program to have quick, real time access to your accounts. Several brokers post news and data about stocks that may be retrieved from the app. Hence, getting your broker’s program downloaded is essential.


Bloomberg and CNBC are helpful to watch to stay informed. At this, Bloomberg is usually quite unbiased when it comes to their information that’s rare nowadays. CNBC, on the other hand, does provide several displays which spend a whole lot of time talking individual stocks that’s helpful to watch. Cramer is one of the few tv listeners who discusses individual stocks with his audiences and provides his take on businesses. Just because you heard that on Bloomberg, CNBC, or from Jim Cramer does not make it gospel.


Seeking Alpha — Great to see why others enjoy a given stock that you might be interested in.

Zacks — Excellent study, but not everything is free of charge. They provide a lot to examine.

This is one of my favorite sitesWEBSITES because there’s plenty of knowledge on here, but also where you can get all of a firm’s filings, both recent and archived.

Finviz — Probably among the best places to go and monitor for stocks and narrow your search.

Wall Street Journal (WSJ) — The WSJ always has an abundance of knowledge and is a excellent site to check to locate headlines and articles which could help find growing trends and organizations to research further.

Google Finance — Similar to Yahoo Finance, this a terrific place to find almost all information on a corporation’s stock in 1 place.

Yahoo Finance — Similar to Google Finance, this a terrific place to find almost all information on a corporation’s stock in 1 place.

Investopedia — This website is a must-go for most new investors. It’s literally a fund encyclopedia and likely any question you might have, the answer could be found here. What’s more, they have excellent, short videos explaining a great deal of what you might be searching for.

Whale Wisdom — This is a valuable site to find out what bigger firms like hedge funds are buying.

Broker’s Website — Each agent’s site should have a gathering of research tools to get.


SOCIAL MEDIAYouTube — Often times when I am trying to find out something in the markets I am not familiar with like some intricate accounting thing, I will YouTube it and sure enough, there will be some random video on the market to break it down. Definitely use this when starting out.

Twitter — Twitter may be very helpful to follow financial commentators, the Twitter handle of the companies you are researching, and also search daily news using the inventory’s cashtag (discussed in the preceding chapter).

StockTwits — StockTwits is only Twitter but only tracking stocks. StockTwits can be incredibly beneficial to learn underfollowed stocks to research further. Additionally, it will show you which stocks are trending and also have plenty of investor interest in real time.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Because of everything online these days we have exceptional tools to mine and research the markets for good investments.

When you haven’t opened an account just yet, then visit the Bloomberg or Seeking Alpha program and begin checking them out.

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