Here is an excellent stock market training course designed for beginners. It has over 50 reviews with an average rating of over 4 stars on Amazon. It is a DVD-ROM that consists of over 25 hours of hands-on videos, showing you the precious system for trading options for a living. Trade with confidence as you discover our videos series in stock trading courses for beginners.

STock Market Training

stock market training

If you receive personal training in learning how to trade stocks and options, it can be very costly.  Just like the amazon review mention below for “300 for two day, eight hour class.”  You are receiving over 40 videos that will cover all the aspects of stock marketing training.  No need to hire a personal trainer when these videos will cover everything you need to get started.  Comparing this to other stock market training material, this the best courses to learn how to trade the stock market. This stock market training course is only offer on Amazon for less than $25.00!  At this price, you will not find a better deal for stock trading courses for beginners. 

Trading options for a living

Have you ever wanted to make a living by trading?  With our stock options trading courses for beginners you have a chance in trading options for a living. You will learn all the steps necessary to opening an account and starting your first option stock trades.  A special strategy is used in the trades to make money no matter if the stock market is in a bear or bull market.  There are also bonus digital books included with the DVD, which will help you in your journey in trading.  Have a look at our Product on Amazon and look at all the positive reviews! Just a quick note: The DVD is a DVD-ROM so it will only work with a computer and not a standalone DVD player. 

This is an outstanding deal for the price. Look around online at what it costs for recorded video or live stock market training for related material. It’s absurdly expensive. People are regularly charging $300 for a two day, eight hour class. Even higher for some, like IBD. This is an incredible value for what you get, which is 41 lessons about option trading and another 15 or so about currency and futures along with six e-books. The lessons are done well, but I can’t comment on the currency stuff because I haven’t gotten into that, just not my thing. The options trading system is fantastic though. He really breaks it down in a way that is simple to understand, even for a beginner. You will also effectively learn Thinkorswim, which is a very confusing software. I learned more about TOS from watching these videos than I ever could have playing around myself. He also showed where to find the tutorials within the software itself, which I never noticed.

Some of the stuff gets a little repetitive, and there is quite a bit of fluff that makes the entire length a little overdone. However, I can’t complain at all because of the price paid. I can’t get over how wonderful of a value this is. Plus, repetition is how you learn anyway. If you’re interested in learning how to trade options, certainly buy this DVD. The one star reviews are ridiculous by the way….it says it in the description, DVD-ROM not for use in DVD players. Not really fair to knock a product because you didn’t read. I like using it on my computer anyway, I can minimize and google search stuff I don’t understand and I will also use Thinkorswim concurrently with this DVD flipping back and forth. I learn by doing, so I need to actually poke around on my own even though I watched these after hours. I started with my paper account just to get a feel for the timing and the system in general.

The system is for hedged monthly income. Compared to other stock trading courses for beginners, this is the safest and most sound technique I’ve come across. You trade index ETFs instead of single stocks, which eliminates risk from earnings announcements and other news related jolts that can kill you position in a regular stock. He uses iron condors and double calendar spreads mostly. Seeing how he sets these up and looking at the charts, you’re being given a huge range with which to make be profitable, sometimes 15-20 points. I highly recommend this software, you won’t be disappointed

Free Option Trading Video

This is the first introduction video of the series we are offering for sale through amazon. I hope you enjoy this free option trading video.  There are so many hours of stock market training covered in this DVD-ROM that you will be an expert after viewing all the content.  

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