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We Have Averaged Over 7% Each Month Since 2019

Our swing trading system works well for those who do not want to be front of a computer every day.  Each month, we send out three stocks to buy and hold for the whole month.   

With 65% gains averaged over 5% per month.  If you want to beat the S&P 500 average of just 10% per year, our swing trades offer much better returns!  

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Best Stocks for swing Trading To Gain Maximum Profits!

Sometimes when someone purchases shares of a stock they might wait for for the best market conditions.  Some traders will wait for weeks, months, or even years to get that perfect return. That rarely works since no one can predict what will happen in the future. Then there are other type of traders that are in a hurry to get a return.  They believe they have the best swing trading strategies and end up coming in for a lost rather than a gain.

Our swing trading alerts work because we have an easy to follow and hold strategy  that take away the two main culprits of making money with trading and that is “greed” and “fear.”

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An Important Rule when Buying & Selling Stocks

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One of the most important rules of our swing trading alerts is timing. The trades are executed at the same time frame.  This is an extremely important rule to follow and not to break from. I remember my day trading mentor said to me once,

“Don’t be sad if you lost money, rather be happy that you didn’t break your rule.” 

In deciding what stocks are the best to pick, we look at multiple positions of popular stocks at the beginning of the month.  Then we use different indicators to choose the best stock to fit for our swing trade alerts.

How do our Swing Trading Alerts Work?

With our swing trade alerts there is no guess work when to buy and sell the stock.  Each month we have three new stocks to trade.  The holding time for the three stocks is around 4 weeks.  An alert will be given in advance of when to buy the stocks and also another alert when to sell the stocks.  

Our swing trades offer an easy way to begin trading with no headaches of watching the daily market.  You are alerted 3 stocks to purchase and hold for 4 weeks.  No stop loss or price alert to worry about.   

It is best to use the penny alerts and swing trade alerts together.  This way there will be more diversity in your portfolio.  

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