In The Last 6 months, our swing trade alerts have Profited More than 135%

Averaging 22% per Month for 2020!

For 2020, our swing trade alerts have done very well!  In just 6 months, we have already achieved our goal for the year!  March was an extremely good month for us and we hope the coming months will also be successful.  

One of the challenges with swing trading stocks is knowing when to enter and exit a trade. With our trading system, that eliminates that worry.  No longer do you need to know when to buy and sell. With our swing trade alerts, the entry and exit times are setup the same everyday.

Best Swing Trade Alerts To Capture Maximum Profits!

When someone buys shares of a stock they usually hold on to it waiting for the best market conditions.  Some traders will wait for weeks, months, or even years to get that perfect return. That rarely works since no one can predict what will happen in the future. Then there are other type of traders that are in a hurry to get a return.  They believe their best swing trading strategies and end up coming in for a lost rather than a gain.  Our swing trading alerts our different. The reason our swing trading alerts work because they follow very strict rules that take away the two main culprits of making money with trading and that is “greed” and “fear.”

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An Important Rule when Buying & Selling Stocks

best swing trade alerts

One of the most important rules of our swing trading alerts is timing. The trades are executed at the same time everyday.  This is an extremely important rule to follow and not to break from. I remember my day trading mentor said to me once,

“Don’t be sad if you lost money, rather be happy that you didn’t break your rule.” 

In deciding what stocks are the best to pick, we look at multiple positions of popular stocks at the end of the day.  Then we use different indicators to choose the best stock to fit for our swing trade alerts.

How do our Swing Trading Alerts Work?

With our swing trade alerts there is no guess work when to buy and sell the stock.  Our system is so easy to follow you can still trade even with a full time job.  Around 3:45 pm ET you will receive a swing trade alert to purchase four different stocks.  You can buy that stock any time from 3:45 to 4:00 pm which is great because it gives you 15 minutes allowance to buy the stock. With mobile technology it as easy as picking up your phone logging into your brokerage account and placing a trade.  By the way with our service, we will show you the best brokerage company to sign up with no commission fees!  After you buy the stock you place a sell order to sell the stock after the stock market closes.  This can be done anytime after 4:00 pm ET till the next day when the market opens which is 9:30 am ET.  


With our swing trade alerts and  penny stock alerts you hold the stock overnight.  However, our day trade alerts you are “shorting” the stock within the same day.

Great News...You Do Not Need to Trade

Since all our trades are held overnight there is no need to have $25,000 dollars which is a requirement to make pattern day trades. You are allowed 3 day trades per week without having $25,000. You will receive 4 stock picks per day for a total of 20 stocks to trade each week.  Our swing trade alerts are sent out everyday and you hold the stock overnight and sell right when the market open. Commission costs can be expensive especially if you are making a new trade each day.  With the average cost being $4.95 or more per trade that can easily add up to around $400 per month. However, the good news since October 2019, most brokers offer free commission which will save you a lot of money!

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Swing Alerts

$ 49
Per Month
  • Four Daily Stock Picks
  • Buy & Sell Same Time
  • Over 25 Hours of Stock Training Videos
  • Year to Date - Over 120%

Swing & Penny Alerts

$ 69
Per Month
  • Total - Eight Daily Stock Picks
  • Buy & Sell Same Time
  • Over 25 Hours of Stock Training Videos
  • Year to Date - Over 370% Combined

Day, Swing, Penny Alerts

$ 79
Per Month
  • Total - Ten Daily Stock Picks
  • Buy & Sell Same Time
  • Over 25 Hours of Stock Training Videos
  • Year to Date - Over 420% Combined
  • Best Deal Per Month

Day, Swing, Penny Alerts

Yearly Membership
$ 249 Per Year
  • Total - Ten Daily Stock Picks
  • Buy & Sell Same Time
  • Over 25 Hours of Stock Training Videos
  • Year to Date - Over 420% Combined
  • Less than $17 per Month - $200 per Year with Discount Code!
Best Deal!

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