For our alerts there are no emails sent out.

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The penny alerts are updated every trading day at 3:45 pm ET. The day trade alerts are updated every trading day at 9:45 am ET.

The swing trade alerts are updated once a month.

Please use the links below to  access your stock alerts.

There are individual pages for each set of trade alerts.

Penny Stock Alerts https://tradestockalerts.com/penny

Swing Trade Alerts https://tradestockalerts.com/swing

Day Trade Alerts https://tradestockalerts.com/day

You can access your account info at https://tradestockalerts.com/my-account

You should receive an email with your username. If you did not. The username is the first part of your email minus the @gmail.com or whatever the last part of your email extension is.

So if you sign up with example@gmail.com Your username is example. Your password is the same as what you signed up before payment.