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Our best year so far with day trading!  For 2023, we starting using short term day trading about mid year.  By using this extra technique, help us increase our gains! For more info on “short term” trading please scroll down. 

Incredible year with 386% gains for the total year with an average of over 32% per month!  We maximize profits by combing both shorting and short term day trading.

how many trading days in 2023
day trading alert results for 2022

This year for day trading was down compared to other years; however, still happy that the results are over positive for the year.   Currently we are still shorting with our day trades but looking into buying and selling in a short time frame so members that join will not have to be restricted to finding shares to borrow for shorting stocks.  The good news is we should have great gains for next year with bringing in short term day trading. 


For 2021, our alerts did better than 2019 and 2020 combined!    If you take 2019 and 2020 together you have a total of 343% in gains.  For 2021, we beat that average by over 20%!  

Great year for day trading with 365% gains for the total year with an average of over 30% per month!  Very happy with profits using shorting with day trading. 

day trade alerts for 2021 results
day trade alerts results for 2020

Results for 2020 are almost exactly the same as the previous year.  Another great year for our day trade alerts.  For the all around best broker for shorting that offers the most stocks to short with free commissions is Etrade.  this was a great way to save in costs associated with the extra fees. 172% gains for the total year with an average of over 14% per month.

Near the end of 2019, all brokers started to offer free commissions in trading.  At the time Robinhood was the only broker offer commission free trading which why it was booming in members during the time.  This was great because there were no extra costs in their trades.   Since shorting has additional costs, this was a great way to save in costs associated with the extra fees. Great year for day trading with 171% gains for the total year with an average of over 14% per month!

How Does our Day Trading Alerts Work?

Most day trade alert services today will send an alert to buy anytime through out the regular trading hours. This can drive you crazy because you don’t know when that alert will be sent out. Our service is different because our alerts are posted at the same time everyday. 

Our day trade alerts work differently then the other two alert services because you are only trading during the active market. For shorting stocks, we update our site each day at 9:45 am ET and the exit time is around 30 to 15 minutes before the market closes at 4:00 pm ET. We offer the best stock alert service for day trading because we offer two different strategies.  One strategy involves shorting while the other other one involves buying.

day trade alerts
day trade alerts picks

Shorting Stocks Averaged 24% Per month for 2023!

 Instead of purchasing the stock we actually “short” the stock. This is the best strategy for end of day trading because our stock picks usually decrease in price as the day progresses. 

  What is “shorting?” It simple means you are borrowing rather then buying the stock.  With shorting stock there is a risk to lose money if the stock does not move in our favor. That is why we implement a “stop loss order” This is one of the most important steps with our day trading strategies to prevent from losing money. 

 In a nutshell, shorting stocks can be more complex but they are a excellent way to gain profits when the price drops!


Short-term Trading
Averaged 17% Per month for 2023!

Starting mid year 2023, short term trading has been added as additional way to make more gains with day trading. One of the biggest challenges with shorting stocks in the 1st day trading strategy is not all brokers allow shorting. 

It is so easy to follow this alert system!  You are placing a buy and sell order only 10 minutes apart. By placing a order to buy the stocks before the market opens, that order will automatically execute with the opening bell.  The next step is to sell the stocks 10 minutes later.  For me personally, I set up an alarm to go off at 9:39 am.  When that alarm goes off, I sell the two stocks.  Following a strict time schedule when buying and selling, helps with cutting out the emotions with trading. 

best stock alert service for day trading with short term

InTraday Trading & End of Day Trading Strategy

end of day trading strategies

To be able to take full advantage of our end of day trading strategy, you will need to have at least $25,000 to utilize all our trades.  If you don’t have enough money for our day trading alerts, than I would choose one of our other services. (penny stock alerts or swing trade alerts)

Our day trade system is different than other stock alert services because we use both intraday trading and end of day trading strategies.  Our short-term trades are held for a very short amount of time. For example you buy shares of a stock at 9:30 am and sell 10 minutes later at 9:40 am which is a intraday trade. Shorting stocks use an end of day strategy based on holding the stock for most of the day which can help maximize the profits. 

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