best day trading books

Best Day Trading Books to Read

Why should you learn how to day trade?

Learning day trading is an art in it self that if can be master can help you make money efficiently. Whether you are after an automated day trading strategy or a beginner’s – essential components are to be taken into account like volatility, liquidity and volume.

The most important technique to master is how to avoid losses rather than claiming the gains in day trading.


What are the best day trading books?

I frequently have to answer this question I work in the financial services industry. Now-a-days this question asked on a regular basis. I am not going to sugarcoat it: successful trader is very difficult and tough today. People think by watching videos on you tube and make money from them is not beneficiary. Competition is increased very much with the help of media we earn big amount of money in day trading. Invest in yourself gives you many chances and potential to earn money. Reading about day trading polish and enhance your skill.

Ranked #1 - How to Day Trade for a Living

How to Day Trade for a Living
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This Book Is Currently Ranked with 4.7 out of 5

This book is a real treat to read! I have read several trading books and even though I am a semi-new dealer, this book is remarkable informational and relatively easy for almost anybody to recognize. I cannot consider how a  person could even leave a negative review for this book. 

The sad reality is 90% of traders lose money. THEY DO!! That’s why books like this one are first-class and extremely useful. I just completed his second ebook, which talks about techniques in day trading and those are  very helpful in my day trading.

This guy is even kind enough to give out his personal email to say “if you have any questions shoot me an electronic mail”. I just can’t consider the terrible critiques that had been given.  In my opinion, the people who wrote negative comments do not recognize the true art of trading. thanks, Andrew, on you’re hard work and determination!!

Ranked #2 - A Beginner's Guide To Day Trading Online

Having done a degree in Finance and Accounting, I have profound knowledge about investing. However, I needed to know more about the market and trading. I knew there were resourcefully books out there to teach me on the art of trading, and I was right. This day trading book has it all.

Trading comes with two significant aspects: greed and fear. If you cannot overcome them, you lose. Remember, the markets are not easy to predict. Being a beginner make things worse; but, reading this book, you spot a trend with immediate effect.

The book lays down strategies that give you the confidence to carry you through the slippery world of trading. And, finally, I hit my minimum balance and started conservatively trading away using all techniques that I could remember.  I developed a solid entrance and exit strategy, stuck to a 2% loss rule. 

Ranked #3 - How To Day Trade: A Detailed Guide To Day Trading

Ross keeps things straightforward in his pieces. Having read a ton of books on day trading, this one was the most valuable. It mainly focuses on risk management for beginners and isn’t exaggerated. I will undoubtedly use this book as reference for insight during my quest to succeed in day trading. 

I have followed Ross on social media for a while and he provides great content. If some parts of his book feel difficult to understand, just visit his YouTube channel and look for what is troubling you. You will probably find a comprehensive video on a particular topic. It feels like Ross is naturally a great teacher and I’d suggest this book to upcoming and aspiring day traders.

Ranking #4 - 1 Hour Trade: Make Money with One Simple Strategy

This book is exactly as advertised. There is a simple and effective trading strategy that is outlined from the front to the back. In addition to the well outlined and detailed strategy, the author also adds important day trading psychology such as money and risk management. He also gives a great precursor for beginners on candlesticks and volume / price action.


This book is for bold, disciplined, and motivated beginner in the day trading profession that is looking to get their feet wet in the market without getting ripped out too early. It is an excellent read. As other reviewers have stated, this book is concise and more importantly, in my mind, actionable. As a relatively new day trader, keeping my emotions in check is the hardest part.

Ranking #5 - Day Trading for Dummies

day trading for dummies
Day Trading for Dummies​
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This Book Is Currently Ranked with 3.9 out of 5

Having read this means you want to become a S-E-R-I-O-U-S trader, right? Then this is definitely one of the fundamental books for you. And if you have already watched a few tutorials in trading from Youtube, or have explored Yahoo Finance and Stocktwits then this book will be your next step.

 Honestly, this a well thought out book, exploring the psychology of human mind in trading, easy to understand and most of all, you’ll learn all the essentials in day trading. You should know when and where to invest – so let me tell you this – this book will be your very first investment, trading money for this irreplaceable knowledge that you’ll definitely need for success.

While there are numerous books on trading, this book is a very good read to understanding investing better.

Ranking #6 - Day Trading for a Living

best day trading book for day trading
Day Trading for A Living
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This Book Is Currently Ranked with 3.4 out of 5

This book will prove to be very enlightening and useful for someone who has an eye to appreciate and acknowledge the instructions this book provides. The book might be hard to understand for a novice. You will get to learn about the contents of day trading and what it takes to become a successful 10 percent of investors.

However, there is always room for improvement:

 When you read the book, it makes you believe the illustrated patterns to be money-making.

  • It does not warn you enough about the consequences if you preserve a stock into the day of earnings.
  • It would have been better if it was reviewed by a professional editor for the correction of language and writing style.
  • A significant subject of Support and Resistance levels for trading is missing in the book.

These next books are ones you want to avoid.  They may have good reviews but they are fake.  If you look closely you will noticed perfect 5 star reviews are left within the same time frame.  Whoever wrote these two books below, “paid” or “hired” people to make the book sound really good but in reality a waste of time to read. 

Waste of Time to Read - Day Trading - Basics and Tips

This author has so many 5-star ratings, in such a short range, just a matter of days. I don’t get it! Yes I bought and read the book and is somehow inconclusive. It is characterized with continuous monotonous sentences and grammatical mistakes that are quite embarrassing.

The major reason for purchasing the book, the facts and figures on finding a great stock, how and when to buy or sell trades are not there. This book needs to be corrected and its fundamentals checked.

This Book is Currently Ranked 4.6 out of 5 Stars, but in really only a 2 Star Ranking!

Waste of Time to Read - Day Trading - A Beginners Guide

This Book is Currently Ranked 5 out of 5 Stars, but all the reviews are fake! 

This book will tell you how to get started, how to make money, how to avoid losing money, and a lot of the technical information you’ll need. Provides great trading strategies and insights on how to move forward and make money. This is one of the good books to have a strong fundamental knowledge on day trading.

Impressive book for the beginners. In this book you will get some basic information about day trading. The content of this book was excellent and easy to follow. I read this book and i get this book so helpful. I will highly recommended this book to all my friends. If you want to start earning a serious income while working for yourself, then you need to learn how to trade stocks and other securities at the financial markets. I hope from this book you will be benefited.

Another Reason to Read the #1 Ranked Day Trading Book:
It is free with Amazon Kindle Unlimited or only $1.99!

Here is a similar review on “How to Day Trade for a Living”

I cannot recommend this book enough! As a novice trader, I have been searching for information on day trading. I found this book extremely informative and not overly complicated for my skill level. Any negative reviews are probably wrongly based on the assumption that trading is low risk. This book actually explains this point in great detail. I loved the author’s first book so much that I have devoured his second one already! The second book was on more complex day trading strategies, presented in a way that was not too ‘’salesy’’. The cherry on top for me was the fact that the author was open to email communication for any questions from his readers. Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone would give this book negative reviews. In my opinion, those reviews just express a lack of understanding of how trading really works. If I had the chance to meet Andrew I would love to tell him how grateful I am for his books. The educational value of his material has made me a more informed day trader already!

When you choose to try out into trading, you quickly acknowledge how complex techniques, outlines, examples, stages, and expenses can get. This is even more motivation to use the assets around you to get down to business. These two best books keep it basic and offer bit by bit controls on the most proficient method to pick the stock, actualize technique and deal with your capital and hazard.

  1. Start Day Trading Now: A Quick And Easy Introduction To Making Money While Managing Your Risk, Micheal Sincere: Composed for an accomplished trade, this book focuses on the specialized investigation and furthermore offers some priceless cash management practices. It at first focuses on diagrams, examples, and markers. You’ll at that point be strolled through the items of common sense of making your first trade.

You likewise get the advantage of got notification from meetings with experienced traders, ideally empowering you to keep away from any of the entanglements they tumbled down at. Besides, at fewer than 200 pages, this book is an effectively absorbance perused for the yearning trader about best day trading books.

  1. A Beginner’s Guide To Day Trading Online, Toni Turner: Composed by a trader, this book is one of the best day trading books and it provides clear guidance and is likewise fully informed regarding industry advancements. You’ll get a full outline of uncertainty management, specialized analysis, in addition to how to set up an exchanging plan. Ongoing Editions have been renamed “A Beginner’s Guide To Short Term Trading”. The book is additionally a phenomenal learning instrument since it’s prepared with tests. The creator likewise goes through all the essential language, while in one way or another figuring out how to keep you locked in. It’s extraordinary for the informal investor explicitly because it recognizes the present moment and long haul trading, the advantages, the dangers and the ideas you have to concentrate on.,Top three books 

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