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day trading strategies pdf

Reading a Stock Table or Quote | Day Trading Strategies pdf

As I mentioned before, there are tons and tons of different variables that determine if a stock will increase in value, decrease in value, or stay the same. Stocks can follow trends and show patterns as their values increase or decrease, or they may suddenly change with very little or no warning. So, with all of these different variables, how do you pick the stock that has the potential to make you money? There are a few different strategies that can help you decide on a stock:

As a stock trader, it is very important that you know how to read the stock table or quote.


Group 1 – Here, we see the highest stock prices over the past 52 weeks, excluding the trading which took place the previous day.


Group 2 – This group contains the lowest stock prices in the past 52 weeks, excluding the trading which took place the previous day.


Group 3 – This group is seen to contain the name of the company and type of stock it trades. Any stock without a special symbol or letter after the company name is a common stock. Every type of share has its peculiar symbol. For instance, the symbol ‘pf’ after the company name signifies that the company issues ‘preferred stock.’


Group 4 – This group contains the ticker symbol, which identifies certain types of shares with the use of three letters. The ticker symbol is similar to what you see on your television screen, which displays current stock prices when television programs that oppose marketing are being aired.


Group 5 – In this group, we find the amount in dividend which an investor can earn on each share per year. If the space is blank, it simply means that the company does not currently pay dividends on such shares.


Group 6 – Group 6 contains the dividend yield or percentage dividend returns which can be calculated by dividing the yearly dividends per share by the price per share.


Group 7 – This group shows the ratio of current stock price to earnings per share. Day Trading Strategies pdf are a good way to learn how the market works everyday.


Group 8 – This group contains the trading volume (total number of shares traded per day). The actual number of traded shares is gotten by adding ‘00’ at the end of the listed number of shares.


Group 9 – This contains the day’s highest stock price, but shows the price range of traded stocks for the day. Day Trading Strategies pdf to find out more information.


Group 10 – This group contains the day’s lowest stock price as seen in group 9, it also shows the price range of traded stocks for the day.


Group 11 – This group records the last trading stock price at the closing of the stock market for the day. The entire stock listing is usually written in bold letters when the closing price is greater than or less than 5% of the closing price for the previous day.


It is not a guarantee that one can get the stocks at the same amount when you buy the stocks the following day since prices keep changing. There are many international stock exchange markets across the globe and their activities can affect the stock prices in the local stock market, thereby affecting the stock prices.


Group 12 – This group talks about the net worth change, which is the difference between the current stock price and the closing price from the previous day. A positive net change is an indication that stock is up for the day.


At this point, I would advise you do well to go through the above text one more time so as to grasp the complexities of the stock market before venturing into it.




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