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Best Penny Stocks to Buy Now – Double Your Money Challenge

2nd Penny Stock Challenge Results

12 Days of Trading - April 28th to May 13th 2020

12 Days - Over 130%

Great News!  We we more than doubled our money on our 2nd penny stock challenge! Over 134% on this challenge! The last trade with JCP we hit 40%! The total gains are actually well over 100% (178%)  The reason our results are not as high is because we are only using 75% of portfolio.  Details on that in the video below:

Here is the List of Penny Stock Trades During the Challenge

TOTAL%  178.32%

Displaying the first video from the challenge, because it gives you an outline into the trades.

In this video below, gives you insight into how the trades are issued.  Highly recommend watching before you get started. 

1st Penny Stock Challenge Results

30 Days of Trading - March 3rd - April 21st 2020

30 Days = 24%

We started this challenge on  March 3rd and ended it on April 21st. We only ended up around 25% gain.  I learned a lot from doing this challenge.  I will be making changes for the next challenge to make it better.  The good news is we more than doubled our money on our 2nd penny stock challenge!

Here is a List of Things I will Change for the Next Penny Challenge:

  • Only Focus on Trading One Stock Per Day.
  • Do not Stop Challenge even after 30 days
  • Do not allow Discouragement if I am in the Negative.

One thing I wish was I kept this challenge going even after the 30 Days or started the 2nd challenge right away.  On the 11th day of trading, I was nearly half way to my goal and then from there the profits were taken away. I was in the negative range for awhile.  Should of keep going with the challenge. The following two days that I stopped, there were two huge gains in the penny stocks I would have purchased. I would have at least another 50% in gains. I would have not reached my goal of doubling my money but at least would have came pretty close.  

This next challenge, I will keep going even after 30 days we haven’t reach our goal.  Also focusing on only stock will probably increase our chances of doubling our money quicker.  I am excited about Penny Stock Challenge #2!  We will be starting this challenge on April 27th 2020.  Stay tune for the first alert.  

Just a heads up.  For each challenge we have a blog we be created at the end with the results.  We are currently doing challenges right now.  Please check our youtube channel and subscribe for updates.  Our youtube channel name is “trade stock alerts” 

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