Bullish Bears vs Bulls on Wall Street

For a  few months, I was taking interest in trading like the stock market, day trading, and trading techniques. I am one of those who have zero knowledge about trading and the stock market. Even if I found any video or post related to trading, I just used to ignore the posts and videos. My interest developed in the stock market when my friend started trading and earned a profit.

He suggested me to dive into trading and earn a reasonable profit apart from these daily 9 to 5 boring jobs. You can start trading even investing less than $2. This investment was quite interesting for me so I decided to start trading.

The main problem which I have to face is zero knowledge about trading. I took my laptop and started searching for google. I have got a lot of information about trading like day trading, swing trading, stock sector, and stock index. After getting all the information, I realized that I need to join online trading courses to learn these techniques and methods.

I searched for an online course and found some websites that were offering trading courses online. Among those websites, I found 3 websites which impressed me by their working, but now for choosing only one, I have to dive deeply.

The websites I found Useful

The websites which I found useful were www.tradestocksalerts.com, www.bullsonwallstreet.com, and www.bullishbears.com.

Then I started comparing these websites to come up with the result that which one is best to join, after all, I have to pay an amount for these courses.When I analyzed deeper, I found www.tradestockalerts.com the best among these three.

Reasons Why Tradestockalert is the best option

Here are the reasons why www.tradestockalert.com was my selected option.

Past Records of Profit

To choose the best website, I need to see the past records of profits which they made. The profit which people got after investing in their website. I searched websites for records, but I only found records of tradestockalert. On two other websites, I did not find anything.

I sent them an email asking thequestion “Do you have records of past trades with the results?” They were quick to reply to me within 24 hours but their reply disappointed me. Bullsonwallstreetreplied to me back saying that they do not provide such information to non-paying members. This information is shared only with the premium member. The answer from another website was also the same and disappointed me.

I mean, why do I need to be a member of a site that should not have information for the public. How can you trust a company that does not release such information?We are investing our money on their website and they cannot provide information to satisfy us.

I will never join such a company who does not know how to handle their clients and how to deal with the queries. But if you will search for this information on tradestockalert,You will get all the information.

Complete Profit sharing Information

When I checked these websites, I found a complete profit sharing details on www.tradestockalerts.com

They honestly shared all the details of 2019 on their website describing the monthly profit ratio whether profit ration is high or low. They even shared the details of that month when their profit ratio is below average.

In 2020, tradestockalertis continuously updating profit and loss in detail. It shares minute details like penny, swing or day alerts.This website has a separate section of Resultswhere you can see the details of profit and loss in penny, swing, and day alerts.

Even I did not sign up on the website, still I can see all the details that are for the public. But other sites are not sharing these details even I especially sent an email to them.

Penny Stock Alert

Among these three websites, the one thing that I noted is Penny Stock Alert service which is only offered by www.stocktradealerts.com I did not found Penny stock alerts on other websites, they are just offering day and swing stock alerts.

Penny stock alerts work the same as swing trade alerts. A huge amount of money is not necessary for penny stock alerts. You can start with as little as $5 in your account. As a beginner, penny stock alerts area good option to get enough experience in the stock market.

Penny stock alerts have reported the best gains as compared to other stock trading services. You can see the monthly gain chart of 2019 on the website. There is only one negative month and in December, the website achieved more than 60% profit.

This penny stock alerts make this website prominent among other websites.

Combination of Day, swing and penny alerts offers

The thing I like the most aboutstocktradealerts website is its combination of day, penny, and swing alert. It means if you are investing both as a swing and day trader, you do not need to buy these offers separately and do not have to pay separately because this website is offering you the combination of single, double, or triple alerts. So you can save your money.

Other websites are not offering these kinds of packages that are economical for all of us,especially for beginners.

Pricing of online courses

I have compared these websites in terms of course pricing. The pricing of these websites is as follows.


This website offers you, swing trader, monthly for $199 which includes over 20 hours of trading education, daily watchlists, access to the trading room, new trading ideas, etc. While swing trader yearly charges $1499 with some annual bonus.

The day trading Bull vision offer also charges $199 monthly in which they offer 20 hours of trading education, screenshares, watchlists, trade ideas, etc. The yearly day trading offer charges are $1499 including these benefits plus some bonuses.


Bullishbears offers you free trails of some videos to get ideas on it. The pricing of bullishbears is cheaper thanbullsonwallstreet and the free trial is a plus point of bullishbears. Bullishbears offers you to makean appointment to talk to their experts and ask questions to make your points clear and get an idea of trade stock. However, the charges of these appointments are quite high and not everyone can afford this, especially when we talk about beginners.

Bullishbears offers you monthly membership in $49 in which they include watchlists, e-books, day and swing alerts, etc. You can get a membership fora whole year in $ 300 getting the same benefits.


I found this website better than other websites due to the following reasons.

Free DVD of stock trading courses

This website included a free DVD of stock trading courses for beginners free of cost with all memberships. This course is available on Amazon with over 50 reviews with an average of over 4 star rating. This course contains 25 hours plus handful videos showing precious system for trading options for a living. This course is indeed a precious gem for beginners who do not know the ABC of trading. I have read the review on Amazon and reviews are great, especially of the beginners telling how handful these videos were for them.

Free trial of 7 days

This website also offers you a free trialof  7days to go through the courses. If you do not want to join or you do not understand the courses and lessons, you can skip the course during the trial period. In this way, your money will not be wasted.

Pricing of packages

The pricing on this website is not as high as other websites. This website offers you Penny alerts package in $49 per month, which includes over 25 hours of stock training videos, buy and sell same time offer, four daily stock picks, etc. Remember this site includes over 25 hours of stock training videos while another website is offering 20 hours of video trading that is plus point of stocktardealerts.

The other package on this website is a combination of monthly Swing and Penny Alerts in $69 which includes over 25 hours video of stock training courses, daily eight stock picks, buy and sell same time, etc.

The third package on this website is a combination of monthly Day, Swing and Penny alerts in $79 which includes daily ten stock picks, buy and sell same time, the best deal per month, and over 25 hours of stock training videos.

The fourth package on this website is a combination of yearly Day, Swing and Penny alerts in $249 which includes daily ten stock picks, buy and sell same time, and over 25 hours of stock training videos. It means if you will sign up for a yearly package, you will be charged just $17 per month which is a huge saving offer.

I mean really guys, if you compare the pricing with other websites, you will see a huge difference.As a beginner, I am going to join www.tradestockalerts.com for the best deals and services. I am completely satisfied with investing my money by joiningtradestockalerts.What you are waiting for!

Hurry up! Join the site and enjoy it.

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