List of Penny Stocks

List of Penny Stocks for 2020

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How do our Penny Stocks Alerts Work?

Following our List of Penny Stocks is very profitable.  There is no need to create your own list.  You can save a ton of time by watching our alerts.  We do all the work for you!  This involves scanning the best penny stocks along with mapping out the volume including spotting a future breakout.  Please sign up for our 7 day trial.  You have nothing to loss.  If you are not happy with the service, you can always cancel. Please check out our results of our daily stock picks.

list of penny stocks

During each evening, Trade Stock Alerts posts a list of 4 penny stocks to trade.  The holding time for these stocks is very short. Before the next day, you put in a sell order to have the stock automatically sell. There are no worries about placing a stop loss order.   

Do our Penny Stocks Always Produce Gains?

The answer to this question to put bluntly is “no.”  Every trade is not going to be positive and every month may not be positive.  For example, the month of March was almost a negative month.  Also, some trades are negative in gains. Have you ever heard of the phrase “pump and dump?”  This is something you want to avoid, but even with the most in depth research you can still fall into this trap. However, the positive gains of our list of penny stocks out ways the negative.  

Aren’t you Going to Provide Penny Stocks to Invest for 2020?

A list of penny stocks could be provided, but will not help you at all. By the time this article is written and published, that list of penny stocks will already be “outdated!” For example if you type in “list of penny stocks” you might be taken to one of the most popular stock websites like  Their recommended list of penny stocks is updated each month.  If you would like to see the results from the other sites, please check out this other blog. Trading these recommendations may give you slight profits but you could also risk holding a stock that is going to let you down.  

A word of caution! – Yes you could get lucky and make some serious gains on one of their chooses, but could end up losing your shirt too in the process!  

list of penny stocks burning

Here is a picture to see what could happen to your money.  Yes, in reality your money could burn!

In Summary, Do Penny Stocks Work?

Yes, trading in penny stocks works and is a great way to make money. However, the answer to this question can also be a no. It all depends on timing. This answer could be yes if the list was current; however, most of the blogs you read online are not up to date.  If you do find a list of penny stocks that are current, the most important thing to look for is volume.  Make sure the volume is at least 1 million.  If the stock wasn’t less than 1 dollar, then the volume wouldn’t be as much of a problem; however, because the price is so low the volume needs to be very high. 

Our List of Penny Stocks - Over 240% for 2019

Averaging 20% per Month!

When trying to find that perfect gem to trade to make huge profits, we can sometimes end up with losses.  I address this problem in another blog researching the top sites that give you their personal list of penny stocks to trade.  Some trades end up profitable but when you add it all up together you end up with negative results.  You can check more info on this in another blog that addresses “penny stocks to buy now”  

As you can see for the results on the side, our alerts have been very successful for 2019.  We only had one negative month and over 60% Gains in December!   In you are interested in looking at our results from all three of all trading strategies you can check out our daily stock picks.  We also offer a 7 day trial we all our alert services.  Please give us a try and see your profits soar for 2020!


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