Xmovies8 vs Fmovies vs Gomovies – Which Site is the Best?

Wouldn’t it be great to watch some of your favorite movies or television shows without worry about paying anything? Now you can with many sites offering free streaming services.  However, the big question is which one is the best for viewing? 

There are three popular sites that stand out: Xmovies, Fmovies and Gomovies with each one of them comparing differently to the other in terms of user satisfaction. To help find the best site, below is a comprehensive comparison guide of the three, considering various factors.

Good News they are all FREE but some Have Requirements

A majority of the people if not all definitely want to watch movies on sites without having to pay a single cent. This is possible because there are so many sites that can provide you with movies and shows all free of charge. In some cases, however, sites require subscription or member fee payments to view content. Shockingly, some have tricky ways of forcing payments, while others have hidden fees, which only come up to bother you later.

When it comes to Xmovies8, it is free and very simple in the process of watching a movie.  There are  no hectic procedures with downloading a torrent file. To watch a movie or tv show only requires a one-touch step. When visiting the Xmovies8 website you choose the movie you are dying to watch and start viewing it in HD Quality.  It is as simple as that! You do not need to spend a single dime with no need to enter your credit card info. Also there is no registration for an account, which many sites require. This makes Xmovies8 a great choice to view movies because we  don’t need to look for loose change in our pocket to enjoy  watching movies.

Gomovies also offers all its content free with no account creation required. All genres are available on Gomovies like action, comedy, horrors and many more.  However, if you do create an account with Gomovies,  it does come with some advantages  because the user is able to upload content that is available on the site. However, most people are now running from Gomovies as it seems as though its operations are on the shutdown due to recent discoveries with privacy, which is one of the biggest problems with pirate streaming sites.

The problem with Fmovies is it requires you to make an account before you can watch any of their content. It however has some additional features that assist potential users in that you can browse a movie by genre, date of release or even country.  However, even with these additional features, having a pop up come up right before you begin your movie requiring you open an account is extremely annoying!

Despite all the three being free to watch movies, I would stay away from Fmovies because of the requirements in creating an account. 


Xmovies8  has a modern looking and eye-catching user interface, but does have too many ads. Users are able to navigate through the website with much ease which is a thumbs up as it saves on time. Ads are present on the website, which could me a major turn off for many users. Ads are a waste time, with some of them just flat out annoying!  Right before you view the movie or tv show, there will be a popup to sign up for their premium account.  The ads are difficult to dodge; however, there is a solution.  You just need to download adblock for your browser and that will get rid of all the ads. This will cause no interference with your movie watching except maybe the popup before the movie.

Fmovies website looks somewhat cluttered with so many Ads.  The problem is if the ads are clicked it instantly open mutiple sites and occasional redirects on the same. This causes more problems when you double-click on the search tab which opens spam pages that display misleading notifications about presence of viruses and errors. Even with downloading adblock, it doesn’t keep the ads away. I would stay away from Fmovies because of these problems.

Gomovies pretty much has the same look as Fmovies in terms of user interface. Its interface is clutter free and appears clean, however it displays a couple of irrelevant, misleading and time-consuming ads. To get rid of some of the ads, it may ask to sign up for something.  Gomovies is better than Fmovies for ease of watching movies.

Xmovies8 is the winner here, however you may not like it interface as much as Gomovies.  It depends on your taste in movies and tv shows.

Video quality & Supported Devices

As usual, nobody is into watching poor quality videos. Luckily, on Xmovies8 users are able to access high-quality videos like HD or 4k. However, it does depend on your internet connection which can reduce the video resolution for fast viewing. On quality, Xmovies8 beats Fmovies and Gomovies because the high quality of its videos is maintained in spite of the device being used. The video quality is not affected no matter if you view the content on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Xmovies 8 takes the lead on this one.

Content originality

In most countries in the world, displaying content obtained via improper licenses is illegal and highly punishable. Xmovies8 takes the lead again in terms of originality. Users find movies embed on the site cancelling out the need to watch movies on other third-party host sites. Both Fmovies and Gomovies do not host content themselves, instead they illegally obtain the content thus rendering both of them to some extent illegal and unsafe.

This websites pose a major risk to the user’s device, in the sense that it could be infected with a virus or malware after spending time on the sites or any of the fake clone website one is directed to. If one is to choose visiting either of the sites, you should make sure that your device is protected with a quality antivirus software.

Because Xmovies host the movie on it server, it is again a winner in this category.

In Conclusion – Xmovies8 hands down is the Winner!

In my recommendation, I would go with Xmovies as it rules among the giants in the world of streaming.  Although, Fmovies and Gomovies still offer some attractive and unique benefits. In time,  the future of these sites may changed.  If you are looking for the best site to watch movies for free, I would go with xmovies8 for having the best interface and easiest one to watch the movies with annoying ads.  Regardless of which one you choose, you will have ads. Last word of advice is to have a good antivirus program and also download adblock.  Having these two things will make cut down on a lot of the headaches.   

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