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What is Watch Series “Really?”

So I did a search for “watchseries” thinking it would take me to a free movie site but instead promotes apple watches called the “watchseries” Even though I went through many pages of google all I could see in my search results was this apple watch. Really what is watchseries? Right now by popular vote it is an apple watch. However, before the watch it was I believe one of the go to sites to finding free moves to watch online for free.

Found a Movie site but doesn’t have the words, “Watch Series” in domain name.

What if you do a search for “watch series movies” – What comes up? I am kinda of shocked but yet happy with coming up. This site has great movies that are geared towards Christians. You might argue that some of the movies are low budget but they actually some really good movies especially for kids.

What do you have to type in Google?

I found the words you have to type in to get to their site. It is actually “the watch series tv” and first results should take you to This site is actually geared towards only television shows but is very legit unlike other sites I have reviewed. Speaking of reviews, I couldn’t really find any reviews on this site. But the site basically works like “piratebay” except it is more user friendly with images. I did a test run on trying to open up a episode from Simpsons and it worked great. You have to have some type of torrent software to make the site work but still pretty happy with the results.

Watch-Series Updated to a New Domain Name!



Many users are tired of putting up with frequent outages and brief periods of downtime.   Watch-Series solved this problem from the previous few weeks.


As usual the websites Operator have yet to publish a statement about why this is happening, but the group in Watch-Series has upgraded their domain name , this time into


It’s Well-known that websites like Watch-Series confront a fantastic deal of pressure from governments, media giants, and copyright holders to close down. Even though it hasn’t yet been verified, the change is the most probably another precautionary step to attempt to keep things operating”smooth”.  VPNs are closely Tracking the problem and will launch some updates as they become accessible.


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This site dont like poor critic
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watchseries dont like poor critic, but It's anyway. I streamed right on my samsung television via Wifi and'd troubles. After I purchased mag 254 and a few LAN cable it had been substantially better, but at night hours, image is freezing and audio out of sync. Isn't all stations but stations I am interested in. Cheap. However far a means from purchasing a 1year more. Watching stuttering films is pain within my ****z. oh . I possess a fantastic router and also 400mbps connection.

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