viooz vs sockshare

Viooz vs Sockshare | Which Movie TV Site is the Best?

Glad I came across both these websites. They are both great sites for finding the latest movies that you want. However, don’t expect 4k or even HD movies. Most of the new ones that they offer are shot off webcam in a movie theater. With the reviews below we are going to look which of the sites is better…. Viooz or Sockshare?

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Here are the Reviews for VIOOZ....

Candy More
"hello I thought this could be a scam but It's really..."
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Hello I thought viooz could Be a scam but it's really a fantastic movie site. But when you click a picture a pop up add will appear, all you want to do is exit and observe your that's my review. Have a fantastic time viewing! People may get upset with the popups but the site is free. I rather have popups than have to pay money for the movies. Some of these movie sites want you to pay a monthly fee. like 20 bucks a month... No way I ain't doing that.
Dart G.
"I proceed to Viooz regular and download and watch films..."
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I proceed to Viooz regular And download and see films even before they are out in the theaters and until Netflix has them. Sure there are issues with malware and advertisements but it's well worth it. I find great new films I have not ever heard of. I suggest it.
"I believed it'd be a cool of viooz to watch films..."
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I believed it'd be a Cool site to watch films on but it is kinda of crap. There will be a bunch of pop up adds popping up everwhere. Plus the crap ads does not stop until you simply lose your brain! There and here is always UPDATE FLASHDRIVE participant thingy and it has TIRING! WHY the HECK do I need to get a freaking flash drive! I am only give 3 stars because of the crappy ads. Overall Viooz is crap but it is free.

Here are the Reviews for SOCKSHARE....

sock share sc
"I Feel that SockShare itself is your top"
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I believe that the Website itself is your best choose. It's well designed and user friendly. So as to be a part of it list of movies to simply do this, be a part and take a glance in the website. Should you end up mixed up at the conversation end of items, website politics, moderators, then you might end up banned, without warning, without any reason. Much like this. Fantastic website. Among the best on the Net. Stick to your self and appreciate sockshare. Take it out of me, I can.
Caleb Toblem
"Flawless excellent website with XL number of films and..."
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Sockshare is anexcellent website with XL number of films and TV shows to watch at no cost, esp helpful for people who reside outside the US (and can not readily access Hulu etc) Pluses: Free registration allows you to remark, create lists Minuses: The easy search function acts erratically but the search is a lot better and you are able to hunt Titles, Directors, Casts etc though there are a couple of gliches sometimes. Biggest fear: the US government will once again impose its own laws and its own will on the whole world and shut down this fantastic website, despite the fact that they do NOTHING illegal in accordance with the legislation of most states... Megamovievideo, and many other people to allow people see the films which are in theaters today, additionally it's possible to see a show on television in case you've missed it. I have heard the men and women that are publishing the pirated films get paid 5 bucks for every single picture seen. wow. However, this takes away from the film business as well as the celebrities and the movie theatres. The website was or, I used it I got banned after I discovered it had been pirated films. I observed"the aid" on it and heard people laughing and watched someone walk accross the screen. I think that it has to be shut down. Hopefully sockshare won't be shut down.. Only future will tell
Keith S
You will Waste Your Time!
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Over 500 movies on sockshare.Two of the films that I tried to download did not work.They will not work even when I try to download again. Do not waste your time with them. I had been a loyal visitor but now have changed my mind. I looked at other reviews online and discovered reviews im among many they are same. Well guess what, that was me. When it happens to you you're gonna waste time. Viooz is better and vudu began blocking my remarks so ppl will not understand the reality. Use Another service or you are going waste your time with sockshare.

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