Mike Iseminger
Mike Iseminger
Retired Police Officer
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TradeStockAlerts.com is by far the BEST signal service I have experienced!!

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The results speak for themselves, but I’m going to share my experience with TradeStockAlerts.com and why it is the absolute BEST alert / service that I have personally used ever.  The three areas of focus in my review are results, ease of use and customer service. 

I originally came across TradeStockAlerts.com while I was compiling a list of trade alert / signal services to research and test back in October of 2019.  There were two things that attracted me to TradeStockAlerts.com.  The first was that they posted their past results on their website which included winning and losing trades.  To me that showed that TradeStockAlerts.com is transparent and that is one of the criteria I look for in a good trading alert / signal service.  The other big positive for TradeStockAlerts.com is that they offer a free 7 day trial period.  This is the second major factor I look for when looking for a trade alert / signal service.  With these two criteria met, I decided to look further into TradeStockAlerts.com. 


With my background in law enforcement and investigations, when I dig into something, I really dig.  In fact I tend to become a bit obsessive with the details.  So, I decided to go back to TradeStockAlerts.com past results and I selected random dates to check their results against the stocks they traded with the charts for those time periods to determine if the results they were claiming were actually accurate.  I am happy to report that every single set of trades and dates I checked were accurate.  I checked about 3-5 different dates from each month over a period of one year’s worth of past results for all 3 alert services offered by TradeStockAlerts.com.  Of course I had to factor in a slight variance in price of the stock at purchase and at sale since I was using a 5 minute chart and execution times for different brokers can also vary. 

At that point, I was satisfied enough to go ahead and forward test TradeStockAlerts.com’s alerts and I purchased a one month membership at the beginning of November 2019.  Since I did not plan on trading a $25,000 account, I only tested the penny and swing trade alerts on a paper trading account.  I could not believe the results!! They were AMAZING!!  The month ended with a 33.16% gain!!  Now I have used other trade alert / signal services that posted higher gains for a one month period.  But, if you look back at the results page from TradeStockAlerts.com, you will see that there are many months where the gains are much higher than this and sometimes even hit triple digits!!  With this outstanding performance track record, I was now ready to use a live account with real money.  Unfortunately life happened and I was unable to start live trading until April 1st of 2020. 

On April 1st, I began trading the penny alerts.  I was able to add the swing alerts about halfway through the month.  At the end of April, I had a gain of 29.52%!! Had I been able to trade the sing alerts for the whole month, my gains would’ve been higher.  And, if you look at the results for April of 2020 on TradeStockAlerts.com’s website, you’ll see that the day trade alerts posted a gain of 46%!!  So if I had the funds to trade the day trade alerts as well, my gain for the month would’ve been much higher. 

Long story short, the results are OUTSTANDING!! But that’s only 1 of the reasons that I believe TradeStockAlerts.com is the BEST trade alert / signal service.  Another reason I am so excited about TradeStockAlerts.com is their ease of use.

Ease of Use:

Most trade alert / signal services post signals throughout the trading day.  This means you have to be available to trade those alerts in real time as they come.  That can be a difficult task for people who are also working a full time or even part time job while trying to trade the stock market. 

TradeStockAlerts.com is different from those other trade alert / signal services in that they post their stock picks at the same time every day.  This makes the process of trading EXTREMELY SIMPLE.  When the trades are posted, you enter the trades and you’re done!!  Then all you have to do is place an order to close those trades any time before the market opens the next trading day.  It’s that simple!!  Other trade alert / signal services not only send you alerts throughout the day, but they are also more complicated than TradeStockAlerts.com.  They usually trade in both directions (longs and shorts) and they also give you a Stop Loss target as well as several Take Profit targets.  TradeStockAlerts.com has made trading and being profitable so simple that I believe anyone could do it with success!!  It’s literally a 1-2-3 process.  1 – Check the stocks posted on TradeStockAlerts.com at the same time every day.  2 – Place the trades.  3 – Close the trades.  None of the other trade alert / signal services I have seen or used make it this simple!! This is something unique offered only from TradeStockAlerts.com.

Customer Service:

Now I’ve already raved about their results and their ease of use, but there’s yet one more major reason I believe TradeStockAlerts.com is the BEST!! Their customer service is top notch!!  It’s better than most of the other trade alert / signal services I’ve experienced and even most of the customer service venues I’ve dealt with from any company ever!!  Not only do they respond very quickly to correspondences (sometimes within minutes), they are also very personable and professional.  I tend to ask more questions than some people and TradeStockAlerts.com customer service has always been kind, professional and timely.  In fact, the longest I ever had to wait for a response to an inquiry was a couple of hours. 

To sum up why TradeStockAlerts.com is the BEST; the results are phenomenal, their service is easier to use than all others and their customer service is amazing!!  I have happily recommended TradeStockAlerts.com to my close friends and family as well as anyone else who is interested in trading and will continue to do so.

I hope my review has been helpful.


Mike Iseminger