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Is Swing Trade Bot – Is it Really Profitable as a Stock Bot?

They do offer a free service that you can try out and watch stocks; however, it can be very overwhelming for a new trader.  Swing Trade Bot allow you to watch up to 5 stocks, plus give a bullish or a bearish signal.  They also provide a way to look at what stocks to buy from looking at candlesticks and different technical analysis to see what are some good buys.  Swingtradebot also posts twitter that give you information on “moving averages” and different stocks that may be a good buy.swing trade stock bot

My main issue though there are no clear instructions on swing trade bot about what to do.  If a stock pops up to buy and you purchase that stock, when are you suppose to sell that stock?  There are so many stocks to pick from on swing trade bot.  But which ones are the best choices given through this swingtradebot?

Here are some reviews that were posted about Swing Trade Bot:


“I wanted to swing trade with small amounts under $500 but I found swing trade bot to be too much work and not really working out for me. I decided to just invest long term and invest my money every month or two into stocks that have an obvious uptrend and lately watching my portfolio go up and up is a nice thing and stress free from swing trading. I’ve found success in SIRI. Anyways happy trading brother be safe!”  Mike

“I am a complete beginner to trading.  swingtradebot seems to offer a lot but comes up short when trying to find what to use. A similar site that I like better is stockmonitor.com My favorite method to use is the “morning star” candlestick. They site is much more user friendly than swing trade bot.”  Heidi

Why go with Trade Stock Alerts – Look at the Results Below = 240% Gains in 2019!

There is no guess work with our system.  We alert 4 stocks per day to buy at the end of the day.  The reason behind having 4 stocks instead of just one because it adds variety to your portfolio. If one stock goes soar, then the other three will make up for the loses. Also selling the stock is so easy.  Once you buy the stocks, you put in a sell order right after the market closes that day. This way there are no worries for the next day in what time to sell the stocks.

swing trade bot free

We offer a 7 day trial with all our alert services.  We actually offer 3 of them.  If you are a new trader, the best alerts that we have to offer are the swing trade and penny stock alerts.  Both alert systems have been profitable over the past 2 months.  There is no obligation to feel you stay with us if you don’t feel comfortable. You can cancel anytime.  

Give us a try and take all the headache out of trading.  Unlike swing trade stock bot, we tell you exactly what to trade. We do all the work for you and all you have to do is follow our trades.  All the trades that are reported are also traded ourselves.  Isn’t it everyone dream to work from home?  With following our alerts we how that you can at least add some extra money in your pocket.  We personally make a full time living from our website and our trades.

Hopefully, you can share in the wealth with us.  There is no minimum cost to start.  We will show you how you can trade 100% commission free! 

Averaging 20% in Gains Per Month!

Are you struggling making profits with trading?  This is a big problem a lot of people are dealing with especial the unstable market we have been having lately.  Our approach to trading is simple and easy.  No need to read candlesticks and look at charts to figure out what to trade.  

As you can see for the results on the side, our alerts have been very successful for 2019.  We only had one negative month; furthermore, our best gains were for December with gains of over 60%.  That is huge!  In you are interested in looking at our results from all three of all trading strategies you can check out our daily stock picks for you to decide to trade.  We also offer a 7 day trial we all our alert services.  Please give us a try and see your profits soar for 2020! 


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