Results for Penny

2019 & 2020 Results for Penny, Swing & Day Trading

With almost 2 years of data of stock trades, I want to dive into details from the results of these trades/ This is to help current members and others that are interested in signing up, the best way to trade these alerts.  We are going to look into the results from the beginning until now with around mid August 2020

Results from 2019 - 2020 Combined

Looking at each StockS SET out of the FOUR picks Each month

Penny Alerts

1st Stock800%
2nd Stock350%
3rd Stock95%
4th Stock65%

Swing Alerts

1st Stock600%
2nd Stock200%
3rd Stock-1%
4th Stock-60%

Day Trade Alerts

Results will be updated later.  Want to address only the penny & swing alerts in this newsletter

1st Stock%
2nd Stock%

Best to Trade with Penny Alerts over Swing Alerts

Penny Alerts Performed Better on Average Looking at Historical Data

If you are currently signed up for both penny and swing alerts, I suggest you put 75% of your porfolio into the penny alerts and 25% in the swing alerts.  This will give you better gains. 

Another suggestion is place the highest percentage of money in the 1st and 2nd picks.  Or another idea is to trade the 1st and 2nd pick and the penny alerts and 1st pick of the swing alert.  However, it is up to you how you want to trade the stocks. 

To help balance the swing trading and to give you more options, we started 3 picks on August 10th.  We are going to be giving a new set of stocks to trade each month.  If you are looking for less risk in swing trading, then that is another way to go. 

I hope this blog helps with your trading. 


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