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John Boar
"It's a Fantastic Website with one Problem...""
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It is a fantastic website if you are only interested in locating films to see and download and know how to do it can find it out on your own. The arrangement is outstanding. But should you need assistance, like to take part in the forum, then use the chat box or provide fair and smart reviews of the pictures, you have a rough skin or become clique material. A number of these moderators with their pals really like to insult and belittle folks. It is incredible how much they will go and say they've a right to get it done since the dumb members get on their nerves. At least among the articles mods abuses his rights by deleting articles his"partner in crime" if you are going to (robocop) if he insults people. This man patrols and principles the"off subject" part of this discussion as he owns the website with the assistance of"calmlybleeding" the articles mod. In addition they permit all cussing, such as the"F" word and sensual content in the chat forum and box and individual walls. Including lewd and gruesome images that only a couple of decades ago would have been considered pornographic. Should you post a fair opinion on the films you see, it be"I loved it! It is awesome" or you'll get bombarded with bad karma issues and stamped a formal troll below you are name. If you receive too many poor karma issues, privileges are removed and you will be prohibited. Last but not least, this is the fact believe it or not, you need to agree to market you are soul to be a part.... Check it let me watch this if you are interested in movie and tv content.
Elizabeth K
"The site is not really free!..."
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They state"letmewatchthis to be a completely..." Thay state"letmewatchthis" is presumed to be an entirely free location to watch films. Each time that I attempt to click the green button to see a movie/tv display or the red button to get same. I get redirected to a page requesting my own identification in the kind of a charge card stating they will need to understand what country I'm in since some movies/tv displays are bane in certain nation's. You have to have obtained an advertisement affiliate/page." . They are the only place I have discovered online that's"y2k (1999) that the NBC television film about the millenium computer bug. To substitute the backup in my group that got miss put at a move.

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Mohammad M.
"I'm giving 1 star because upsetting things going on..."."
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I'm writing this review so as to emphasize what I believe is a significant abuse of an online site called letmwatchthis. The website concerned allows individuals registered or unregistered, to view films and tv programs at no cost and in this regard it's fairly great. It is also possible to speak all of us from all over the planet and by the united kingdom who are interested in movies, but as always, there'll be the strange person, that you won't wish to take part in dialog. But, there's a chatroom connected to the website and I've been on the receiving end of a upsetting behavior by a specific moderator. I know this seems strange, but within the few weeks I have been in the chatroom, I have discovered a troubling pattern. The initial example was when a person started to site racist language. When I asked the moderator in question to ask them to cease, I was instantly turned on and advised to quit causing trouble and closed up. A range of whom I think are this men'followers' afterward started to bully me online. But, I started to notice that each and every time I had been online and this specific individual was moderating, yet another intriguing message could pop up at the chatbox. As I'd cottoned on to the I made sure to steer clear of any debate and maintain everything light-hearted. As she continued to goad me I said quite calmly was they did have a duty to be honest, which led to me being instantly banned from the site. I was also warned that individuals photographs are removed from this website and turned to pornographic pictures and printed online. I don't have any evidence this is some thing this individual has been involved , but like I mentioned, I have a horrible feeling that there's a really spiteful manipulative person in the office here. Some individuals on the website will swear blind she's the funniest mod there was, but thats exactly how smart she is. She'll be wonderful to other people so as to manipulate them to backing up her when she participates in cyber warfare, but when your face doesn't match you'll be treated quite poorly. That is highly unprofessional, but not just that, you will find young men and women using this site, some as young as 13 on let me watch this. They need to do something about this... You may combine the chatroom and don't have any problem in any way, however - and I know this seems like a cliche - but if you're great looking/pretty, are smart and articulate, get together with people on site and also have a good deal to say about films etc.. You might be the subject of harassment or if you undermine this somewhat insecure person in anyway, you'll be the focus of the spite. If you browse website instructions e.g seeing viruses, then the tone of what's written, provides you a flavour of where the men and women who've created this website are coming from. Its very abrupt and competitive. If you're banned you're advised to plead for forgiveness before being allowed back on. Its exhibited as a joke but after undergoing what I have, in reality it isnt. I feel this mod is a creator of the site, hence her electricity crazy mindset. I believe that says it all . My purpose is, that Im not somebody who's in need of a lifetime and does not have anything better to do than to whine about things online. The main reason I've bothered to write this really is, when I receive a nasty gut feeling about something, it compels me to the point where I believe others should know what's happening. Bear in mind, there are lots of faceless people on websites like these, who hide behind avatars and that are likely not the most picky of spirits. Be careful what sites you visit online. Thank you

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