Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum Price Prediction for 2020

It can be tricky to predict what will happen to Ethereum, but there are some views on where this smaller currency compared to bitcoin will go into the future. This coin is very attractive to buy because the average person can purchase a number of these coins for around $200 each. Purchasing 500 of these compared to only 1 bitcoin is a real steal!

500 ethereum vs 1 bitcoin

Fortunately with Ethereum price prediction there are tools that have emerged which are helping analysts and investors predict where Ethereum costs will go.

Ethereum Is a worldwide digital coin that can be purchased and sold by anyone on the planet. The factors that affect its cost are diverse, unknown and frequently unexpected. The challenge of correctly forecasting the purchase price of Ether is somewhat difficult among this special cryptocurrencies.

We are going to look at 3 different forecasts on this coin for 2020 and beyond.  Most predictions are positive about this Ethereum but there is always a negative view point among the positive.  Even though these are all theories, they will help us look into the future of this special popular digital currency. 


1st Ethereum Price Prediction - $1,400 = 1 oz Gold

1 oz gold etherum price prediction

In order for this ethereum price to go into effect,  we are looking at ethereum to go up 7 times it value in the next 10 years.   By 2030, could this happen?  Yes, it is very possible that in 10 years for Ethereum coin to increase 7 fold.  With all these digital coins going up in price it making the value of metals seem not as valuable.  What would you rather have 1 oz of gold or a Ethereum coin?  


First thing we need to look into Ethereum is the Price


Originally Made for Bitcoin, the price of manufacturing Ethereum is very low which is why the price is much cheaper. The invention was created by Adam Hayes at March 2015 in the New School for Social Research.The foundation of this currency pricing isn’t based on normal conventional procedures, but rather based about the uniqueness of cryptocurrencies – mining figures.


Expense of production cost may signify a value around which market prices have a tendency to gravitate. Certain aspects like future utility and technology might turn out to be more precious than the coin in and out of itself. These factors may prove challenging for placing a legitimate value on a cryptocurrency.

2nd Ethereum Price Forecast - $600 = Kilo of Silver

 Ethereum  to triple in price?  This prediction seems more realistic then the other one.  This could very well happen in the years to come.  Not sure if this will take 3, 5 or even 10 years.   Who knows in 10 years the coin that is currently worth around $200 may even be worth less but looking at this coin from a positive outlook this is very likely to happen.    What would you rather have a kilo of silver in your hands or a Ethereum coin?

The price of ETH has skyrocketed from 1.5 to over $200 in the last 5 years! This has pushed its market volume to around $18.5 billion.  Ethereum rising price is not beyond exception. The honest truth is almost all cryptocurrencies are seeing a booming of extreme prices. 

3rd Ethereum Price Prediction = $100 (Loses Half it's Value)

one hundred dollar bill ethereum price prediction

Can Ethereum lose half of it’s value in the next couple of years?  Sure!  Anything is possible.  Currently the coin is worth around $200 but that could change quickly and the drop could come into effect.  If you are interested in buying a few of these coins, make sure not to put all your eggs in one basket.  Keep at least half cash.  Just in case it does drop you have extra cash left over.  

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