couchtuner vs solarmovies

Couchtuner vs Solarmovies sc | Is Couch Tuner or Solar Movies Better?

From exploring the reviews of both these sites we will help you decide which site is best to access your favorite movies and tv shows today. Interested in making money from trading stocks? Check out results here for daily stock picks. 


Couchtuner is rated 3.4 stars out of 14 reviews. If you do a search it for it changes to different domain names. It seems like a pretty good site that is only geared towards television and not movies. However, looking at the latest reviews, this site seems like a site you may want to stay away from. Looking at the newest review posted on 8/12/18 we have only 1 star “Links are bad and pop ups are malware” Below are the exact words from the reviewer for Couch Tuner. List of the top movies of all time.

Try to click a link and it says video not found.. or call a 1 800 number because your computer is infected with a virus.

If you look at the second most recent review it isn’t much better which is posted on 6/28/16 with a 2 star review with subject link “Do not use couchtuner” With that type of subject line you might want to avoid this movie site couchtuner. Below are the exact words for the reviewer:

Many people referred me to couchtuner and I used it straight for two years. However last night without downloading anything from the site and without clicking on those pop ups I somehow contracted horrible malware. This malware has encrypted all of my files and taken everything from me. I was recently married and the photos were on the computer – not backed up. Everything is gone. I am at such a loss that I will no longer be using Couchtuner. Ever. I suggest you do not use it either.


Now let’s look at Solarmovie. Do you believe before reading on this site might be better? There are many different solarmovie sites that come up when you do a search but again same problem as the other site. The domain name changes. Let’s go ahead and take a look at Solar Movies.

Well I thought it would be better…however, it is worst! Solarmovies has a average rating of only 3.1 stars with 12 reviews. The latest reviews are pretty bad. This is the newest review we could find for Solarmovies from 12/5/18 and it stats “Not Free Anymore” with a 1 star review. The full review below:

not free anymore, they want you to pay for movies. LAME!

That is pretty obvious to stay away from this site if it isn’t free. Let’s look at the 2nd newest review. This review is longer but still only 1 star left on 10/23/18 with the title “The first thing they do is lie”  Really this site is lying let’s read on to find out more.

The first thing they do is lie. The very first thing. It states that they only want your credit card to verify your address. It states that you will not see any activity with your bank account. Then, 2 minutes later, I get a notification letting me know that Solarmovies tapped my account for a $1. So, they are liars before you even get to watch an episode. I shut that credit card down immediately. I can’t have liars storing that kind of information. They have no credibility.
Never watched an episode. I decided to write this to save someone else a problem

In conclusion, is Couchtuner better than Solarmovies SC? Yes it is and the main reason why is because you don’t need to make an account with them to view any of the videos. The only thing that I could find better with Solar Movies than Couch Tuner is they offer movies also on their website and it looks “prettier” but if you are looking for TV shows only go with Couchtuner. We will continue the journey of finding the best site to access free movies and tv shows. Here is a list of the best tv shows of all time.

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