Why Day Trading - 10 Reasons To Start

Why Day Trading – 10 Reasons To Start

Day Trading

In my Opinion, it is the ideal way to become wealthy. Listed below are ten reasons why:

1.) It is the complete”equal opportunity” job

Your race does not matter. Your skin color does not m atter. Your education does not matter, whether you are a Ph. D. or a school drop-out. Your sex does not matter. Your source doesn’t matter. Your age does not matter. Your backg round and background do not matter. Even in case you’ve been in ja il for years, you could still make money with trading. Your lan-guage does not matter. Your looks do not matter. And your so-cial status does not matter, provided that you have sufficient funds to trade.

2.) No Employees to employNo Employees to employ

You do not need to hire any employees, which means You don’t need to worry about job interviews, payroll, employee evaluations, vacations, sick days, or employee performance. Your only”team member” is the agent, and when he d oesn’t perform, there are 10 others waiting in line for your busi-ness.

3.) No Inventory, office area, or other equipment (besides your telephone and your computer)

You do not have to buy or rent expensive office Space, and you do not need to stock any merchandise, so that you don’t need to worry about expiration dates, damaged products, transport, handling, insurance, or promotions and displays of goods.

4.) No Vendors, no clients, no invoices, and no accounts receivable

You won’t need to manage any face-to-face contact. You do not need any Vendors, you do not need to meet a ny cus-


Intro: Why Day Trading?

Tomers, you do not need to offer any customer Support, and you do not need to worry about any statements, bounced checks, fraudulent credit card charges, returns, or charge-backs.

5.) The time required is minimalThe time required is minimal

Whether you have a regular job or run your own business, the chances are That you are working at least 40 hours weekly. With day trading, you can exchange either full-time or part-time. You can begin trading for as little as one hour weekly, or you may pick the maximum of two hours every day. It is your choice.

6.) Low capital requirement

You don’t need plenty of money to begin. This Is not like purchasing property, by way of instance, where you are on the hook for a monthly mortgage and other cash-draining expenses. In trading, you can begin with as little as $1,000! (We will discuss how a bit later.)

7.) Returns are nearly instantaneous

I am talking”fast money” in the sense that Trading allows for rapid liquidation. It is possible to convert trades for money within seconds. Where else on earth can you make money this quickly and comfortably? You can purchase and sell and buy again in moments. You don’t need to wait to see your gains. Try this with property or physical products, where you may need to wait months, or even weeks.

8.) Low transaction cost

You pay less than $10 perLow transaction cost trade in trading. Compare it to property transactions, where you’ve got to pay sev-eral million dollars in closing costs, and of course a 3-6% commission to your realtor.


The Complete Guide to Day Trading

9.) It’s Simple to understand how to earn money with day trading

You don’t need to go to school for ages. And Unlike most other professions, years of experience aren’t necessary ei-ther. After teaching hundreds of people how to earn money with day trading, I firmly believe that everyone can find out how to be a successful trader.

10.) You Don’t require much to begin

Actually, There are just six items that you DO need:

a.) A computer

B.) An online connection

C.) A charting applications

d.) A broker

E.) A properly financed trading accounts

F.) A fantastic trading strategy

I could go on and on, but I believe you understand. Throughout these blogs, we are going to cover a lot of stuff that will help you Begin with trading successfully.

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