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Changes for 2021 | Penny, Day & Swing Alerts

Couple of Changes in our Alerts for 2021

For this New Year we are excited to announce some changes we believe will benefit in making you more money this year. 

One of the changes is posting videos once a month with the results for our alerts using different brokers. 

Trading Penny Stocks for 2021

  1. Will have 1-3 picks per day.  The aim will be to have 3 picks today. However some days may only be 1 pick or 2 picks based on what is available.  We will allocate 40% for the 1st pick and 40% for the 2nd pick.  For the remaining 20% will go towards the 3rd pick.  
  2. The 2nd change is having premarket selling at 7 am.  (We will still have selling at 9:30 am also) With the Webull account, we will be selling at 7 am  which is 2 and 1/2 hours before the market opens.  This decision is up to you. Some brokers do not allow premarket selling.
  3. Starting a Penny Stock Challenge.  We will be using cumulative gains on this strategy.  You are welcome to use cumulative gains; however, understand there are high risks associate with this type of trading.  That is why we are only starting with $1,000  If you interested in this, you can check it here in “best penny stocks to buy now” 

Trading the Alerts with Dedicated Accounts

  1. Penny Stocks:  One account will be used for premarket sales and the other account combined with the day trading.  10K out of the 15k Webull will dedicated only for penny stock trades which will exit trades at 7:00 am.  The eTrade account will be dedicated to exiting trades at the opening of the market. 
  2. Day Trades: To be able to day trade everyday you need at least $25,000   We will be using $10k of the account towards the day trades and 10K towards the penny trades.  
  3. Swing Trades: Robinhood account with 3k will be used the swing trades.  1k will be allocated towards each stock since there are 3 picks per day.  

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