After a long while, it has now come to light that porn is a detriment to society just like cigarette smoking. According to scientists’ and researchers’ findings, it turns out that porn negatively affects the brain, cuts short relationships and is associated with acts of prostitution and sex trafficking. Porn, being more of imagery has turned the ability to engage in intimate relationships a hard nut to crack for its victims.


Porn closely compares with various drugs and substances; in that, it fills and intoxicates the brain with a harmful chemical such as dopamine. With time, the brain succumbs due to the continued overpower by the chemicals and eventually it becomes very difficult for the brain to function without its ‘sweet food’, pornography. With continued dependency, pornography victims are now shifting to the more emotionally satisfying porn, which is hardcore. At the long last, this affects the victim’s health whereby the users feel unfulfilled and empty after spanning a short while without engaging in the fictitious intimacy, porn.


Porn from its outside assures an imaginary kingdom of unceasing sweet sex, but to be truthful, on it’s inside the reality hidden is that the more one takes more steps into this forbidden kingdom the higher the chances of it lastly turning into an empty dorm just full of darkness. After a grand covering on the use of porn was done, the research made it evident that men and women were less satisfied by the looks of the partners they love, engaging in other sex acts and performances voluntarily, immediately they come to contact with the mind-blowing softcore porn. Porn users, to their detriment, program their brains in a way that, with just a mere look on the computer, without having the sexual feel of their partners, they get aroused and hard. This makes all their efforts to perform sexually in real life futile.


Porn is an epitome of lies. Porn leaves all its viewers poisoned, in that they feel it and keep it in mind longer than even those who just took half an hour of their time to create it. Porn also discriminates in that it only seeks for the satisfaction of the male leaving the female who was expecting much more just empty and emotionally dissatisfied. With the help of plastic surgeons and the widely used photoshop, women in porn are just way ‘artificial’. People who are regular porn watchers, as a result, are mostly deficient in self-love, seeing themselves as less attractive and transferring the same case to their partners. It has been proven through a study that with the constant view of sex tapes and information by boys and girls, women have been thoughtfully victimized as mere sex objects.


According to research people who are early sex explorers and with vast numbers of partners, and those who take part in risky sex, jeopardizing their health by increasing their chances of contracting sexually transmitted diseases are those who have watched much porn. After conducting a study on some of the most popular porn videos, it was found out that a maximum of 19 partners and a minimum of one engaged in the act, with all averaging at around three. All the sex acts in a simpler term are just rough and inhuman, nothing closer to normality. 9 out of 10 scenes in the study of top rated porn videos, showed a woman being banged, hit hard and to some extent taken to breaking point, but opposite of expectation all that was not an issue but blissful moans were all that the woman let out with her mind having been blown away by the great experience and feel.

Habitual watching of porn can lead to a retrogression of an individual’s ability to engage in worthy, fully satisfying and genuine long-lasting love. After more than enough findings on the negative impact of pornography, society should fight rather than embrace it. The efforts by the researchers and scientists have exposed the effects of porn such as harming the brain, cutting short and turning relationships bitter and worse harming the society.

Let us check out three popular searches which are XNX, XVEDIO, and XXXN – if you visit these sites you may get what you are fantasying about but in reality it is all fake. You will get my point by reading the first paragraph of each search.  I will make it sound good; however, fight that temptation and control yourself to not visit these sites because it will lead to a path of an unhealthy addiction.

Below the first part is the “Fantasy” Part of the Sites but the later pat is the “Reality”


If you are searching for a fix and don’t know where to start from, or even what you prefer and are into most, XNX is an ideal site to get you started. To begin just close the door and enjoy! XNX offers porn videos that not only teach various tricks and tips on real-life sex but also help to relieve stress.

XNX is a simple and easy-to-use porn site that allows you to browse and search for videos matching your fantasies. You can view porn clips and sex movies from your favorite stars. XNX also offers a wide range of sexy photo galleries! Aside from being rated one of the most popular porn sites, XNX is a social network bragging a user number of more than two million people.

The shortcomings of content on XNX are that some of the videos are shocking, arousing and even very disturbing. The videos are very erotic and this is not just a dating or sexual playbook. For viewers with no dating experience, the videos offer no examples of procedures to follow in intimate flirting, talking, blushing, laughing, waiting for perfect opportunities and respecting personal space.


Looking for perfect videos? Xvedio has a clean interface, and viewers find it very easy to surf the site. Consequently, videos on this site are updated regularly. Being a heavyweight in this industry, Xvideos displays HD porn videos, VR porn and also the highly coveted full-length movies. By viewing their content, users can fight their erotic fears. To add up to all its positives, Xvideos is a free porn site but even though it is free can cost you your brain!

The dark side of its porn content is that it has nothing to do with a relationship. It features just skewed expectations. This creates idealized versions of how people appear to be, porn subliminally brings in negative comparisons with self, which in turn perpetuates the default position of arousal by just viewing and self-stimulation rather than doing the act and enjoying in reality.


Want satisfaction with less hustle? XXXN is a simple, no-frills and pop-up free site. XXXN has the best quality videos compared to the other two and has a wide selection to chose from. Due to its global audience, XXXN is more diverse. With free content, you can find porn for no cost. One down side is the pop-up ads are very annoying. To sum up everything, this site is what most people dream of – it shows a poetic and artistic side to porn, with various curated blogs. Isn’t that great? Not really if you want to get hook on a drug.

Some disadvantages for its content are that it causes addiction with constant viewing, causes erectile and sexual dysfunction, one losses attraction to real partners as well as a loss of focus and interest in various pursuits and pleasures of life. 

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